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Slip and Fall Accidents in Las Vegas

With over 40 million visitors every year, Las Vegas is a global destination city. Every month, millions of tourists fill the resorts, restaurants, shops, and other businesses of Clark County. Unfortunately, some visitors will find their vacation ruined by a slip and fall injury. Whether you you are here for fun, for business, or Southern Nevada is your home; injuries from a slip and fall accident need to be taken seriously.

Safety: A Legal Duty

Business which are open to the public have a legal duty to keep the public reasonably safe while on their premises. Businesses, such as stores and restaurants need to keep public areas well maintained and free of potential hazards which could reasonably pose a safety risk.

Consider this example.

In a grocery store, a milk display has been stocked beyond capacity by a store employee. When a customer takes a carton of milk, two other cartons fall to the ground, break open, and spill milk around the display. The customer alerts a nearby employee of the spill. The employee leaves the area without cleaning up the mess or closing the area with warning signs. Two other employees stop by and look at the spill but continue on without taking any action. An hour later, another customer comes over to the milk display. She slips on the spilled milk and is injured as she falls to the ground.
Based on the facts of the above example, the store is likely at fault for the customer’s injuries. Liability in slip and fall cases is determined using one of three criteria. (1) The owner or an employee created the dangerous circumstances, for example spilling liquid on the ground. (2) The owner or an employee knew of the dangerous circumstances but did nothing to correct it, for example a torn edge of carpet people complained about tripping over. (3) A reasonable person would have corrected the dangerous circumstance during property care and maintenance.

A Careful Collection of Facts

Slip and fall cases often depend heavily on what actions the owner or the employees did or did not take. It is crucial then to gather as much information as possible regarding the circumstances surrounding the accident. In some cases, the testimony of eyewitnesses may be necessary to determine exactly what happened. When searching for a Las Vegas slip and fall attorney, it is important to choose a lawyer who has the experience to handle complex cases and gather all relevant evidence.

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